Phone humiliation

"Cuckold phone sex", "Humiliation phone sex"Humiliation is a broad sexual fetish many enjoy humiliation phone sex.  There are so many forms of humiliation and each is personal to the individual.  There is verbal humiliation, public humiliation, small penis humiliation, and other garden varieties of humiliation.  Does this excite you?  The thought of being degraded, perhaps you have a low self esteem problem, and enjoy being degraded during sex, and find it fun to have the anonymity of a Phone Mistress to tease and torment you.  Everything is possible on the phone.  You can explain what it is you need, and receive it, without leaving the comfort of your bedroom.  You pick up the phone and are transported to a den of iniquity with a live  Phone Mistress, ready to take control, and dominate you.

Yes, dominate is what I do.  I take control, and I can find secret ways to get into your head and control your urges, and bring to levels you have never experienced.  You will find you need my guidance and control, and once you have it, you will wish you knew me forever. I am your best partner, the person who will get to know you better then anyone you have ever met.

Sounds intriguing only because it is.  I will cuckold you, perhaps laugh at your tiny cock, and give you the humiliation you crave and are afraid to ask for in the real world.  Best yet, is no one will know O/our secret.  I will be your phone dominatrix, you will be my cuckold slave.  Do you have a small penis, or is it you just want some humiliation to give you a break from the real world?  All things are possible in phone sex land, with Ms. Mandy.

I have been known to give assignments and have you carry them out in the real world, some real time humiliation and you would report back to me. I bet you would love this.

Call me for a session, we will decide exactly what type of humiliation you need and crave.

xoxo’s Ms. Mandy