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I do like to explore the world of chastity a chastity phone sex session, can be very interesting. Especially when you lock the cock up completely and take total ownership.  The ultimate form of submission of a slave to his Mistress.  Mistress Lori, has a steel version with a piercing, and have someone who has written a report on his chastity device that I have had him wear, I am sure you will enjoy the detailed report…

Mistress Lori has a long history of producing very effective penis chastity tubes. She makes both plastic and stainless steel versions. Her tubes are designed to be worn on a man with a frenum or prince albert piercing

i have owned this device for more than 2 years and although it is in essence a great and secure device i had lots of troubles with it in the start. It weighs over 500 grams or 1 pound which is a substantial amount, and I found it impossible to wear for long periods, so being a tool maker by trade decided to modify it so out came a 10 mm drill or 3/8 if you are that way inclined, i put 15 holes through the device in the thickest areas, this however did nor reduce the weight a lot in itself so i put my belt linisher into action and now i archived a more than 50% reduction in weight. Drilling the holes were a good idea anyway as it allows easier cleaning and therefore ability to be 24/7 even 365 should a Mistress so wish.

i have in the past spent more than 3 month at a time in the device with only the odd 10 minutes out for cleaning, and nothing else, was ankle cuffed to the toilet bowl until the was safely locked back on and the keys back in Mistress control.

It can be difficult to get on properly, but the stoking method works for me, but take a couple of days to assess if it is on ok and not causing problems, before being locked away for a longer term, if the device is on correctly, it is quite combatable most of the time except when being teased, early in the mornings and when on a bike.

Once on it is extremely secure as there is no pins, padlocks or tags that can be cut and the lock is pickproof, i would think that only way to get it off without keys would be with an angle grinder, and for several reasons that seams like a bad idea

Each device is made to the wearer’s specific dimensions. So when ordering you have to supply her with your penis diameter just behind the head flaccid and erect, as well as the length from base to just under the head when flaccid and stretched out.

The tube itself fits very tightly over the flaccid penis with the head extending past the end of the tube. The tube can be ordered with a protective “cage” of stainless steel over the head to prevent unauthorized touching. There is no question that no one will take this device off without unlocking or cutting off the lock. The fact it locks to a piercing is a powerful incentive not to get too frisky with this device. Lori’s tube effectively stops erection and masturbation. The wearer must be pierced to wear this device.

This feature allows a non-pierced user to “test” the fit, feel, and security of a Lori Chastity tube before a trip to the piercing shop for that fateful day when a frenum or Prince Albert is installed. i think it could be safely said that the Lori Chastity tubes were, from day one, designed to be installed using an 8 ga. or better frenum or P.A. piercing. The coupling of the chastity tube with one or even both of these piercings is unique and it is what makes the Lori Chastity tube so reliable and comfortable.

Another new feature available is a CURVED locking P.A. piercing bar. This makes the device totally escape proof from the front end as the tube can not possibly be pushed back towards the testicles, allowing the very remote chance of pulling the cock head up and forward and off the locking P.A. bar. The new curved design makes this physically totally impossible while again making an already secure device even more secure.

PS. i expect to be locked in this device on a more or less permanently by my Mistress Malone.

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